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1970 gründete der weltweit bekannte Actiondarsteller Shinichi „Sonny“ Chiba in Nakano (Tokio) den Japan Action Club, um bessere Bedingungen für die Ausbildung von Nachwuchsstars zu schaffen. Mitte der 70er Jahre kam der Durchbruch mit der Vermarktung von Hiroyuki Sanada, Shimoho Etsuko und Kurosaki Hikaru.

1991 wurde der Japan Action Club vom Nikko Edo Mura Management Daishinto übernommen und Sonny Chiba zog sich aus dem Management zurück. Der JAC betätigte sich von da an auch im Nikko Edo Mura.

1996 gründeten der Stuntman, Action Regisseur und Produzent Kaneda Osamu und Nishimoto Ryojiro mit eigenen Mitteln "Japan Action Club ltd." und trennten sich wieder von Daishinto.
2004 wurde der Name von Japan Action Club ltd. in Japan Action Enterprise Co. Ltd. geändert.

AARON: Can you talk a little bit about the Japan Action Club and how it got started?

CHIBA-SENSEI: When I first started off in action films, I had this image of what an American action film should be and what the image of what a Japanese action film should be. But other directors and actors in Japan were not able to follow me with this image right away. They didn’t have the confidence to do it and I wasn’t able to impress upon them my vision of what an action films should be.

When I first started out, I would do most of my own stunts. The actors I worked with would have stunt doubles. So for the most part of the time, I was working with their stunt doubles. When actors did action scenes with me, it would be with their stuntman, so the camera could only shoot me from behind of the actor’s stuntman head.
At this time, these actors weren’t with my action team yet, and they needed to raise their level of stunt work. So we created this action team (Japan Action Club).
The actors joined the Action Club and they were able to learn stunt work from me.
They were able to slowly raise their level of stunt work to where they didn’t need stuntmen. They started doing all their own stunts, so the camera was now able to move and shoot freely from all angles.
We’ve been working on that for forty years, so the level has gone up considerably, and gradually came up to what it is today.

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