Sowas finde ich ja mal richtig klasse:

DVD Decision 2006: 30 Films in 30 Days
Due to the overwhelming popularity of Warner Bros.' prior DVD Decision campaigns, Warner Home Video (WHV) is once again empowering film fans to select a new group of films to be released on DVD. This year DVD Decision 2006(TM) is a joint promotion from Warner Home Video and in which movie fans can vote online for 30 catalog candidates from the Warner Bros. Studios library, 10 of which will then be released on DVD. Voting will occur at during the month of June 2006. Film fans can vote for their favorite action & adventure, comedy & musical, or drama films; view trailers and movie stills; and read synopses and customer reviews.

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Sowas sollten mal alle Studios machen, am besten mit einer noch größeren Auswahl aus ihren Archiven!