The film `The Reluctant Fundamentalist´ directed by Mira Nair is based on the homonymous novel from Moshid Hamid and deals with a pakistani man, called Changez Khan who wants to live the `American Dream´. In America he falls in love with Erica, an american woman and after the 9`11 Attack, he is confronted with racism and prejudices against him.
Mira Nair, the director oft he film, comes from India and lives in New York, she often deals with politican topics and received a lot of prices for her films. The main charecters are Riz Ahmed who plays Changez and Liev Schreiber who plays Robert Lincoln.
The genres of the film are thriller and drama but it has also something to do with politican problems.
The film begins with the interview of Changez in a café by a journalist, called Robert Lincoln, who cooperates with the U.S.Embassy. Changez starts his story with his job interview by Underwood Samson in America after his schoolgraduation at Princeton. There he impresses Jim Cross who will be his new boss with his statement that he altough will win no matter if he gives him the job or not. Changez also has an affaire with Erica, a young american woman, but they brake up again because she can not deals with the death of his ex-boyfriend Chris. After the 9`11 Attack Changez is confronted with prejudices against him and racism which finally results that he quits his job and goes back to Pakistan where he become a professor at university.The big problem in general why he has this interview with Robert is that the U.S.Embassy thinks he has something to do with the kidnapping of an other professor who was at same university as Changez. Because the investigation of the police at university, there are almost escalating protests before the café where Changez and Robert have their conversation. After all the film ends with the death of Samir who was Changez assistant at university and Robert as well as the U.S.Embassy recognize that Changez has nothing to do with the kidnapping.
In compairison with the book, there are some differences in the name with the cities where the story plays and in the book there is just Changez speaking and no other person.
Which is also to remark is that the music plays an important role too because the text of the songs are very usefull to understand what happens and above all why.
Even if I thought in the beginning that the film would not be interesting, I was really surprised because now I think that the film is very worth seeing. I think so because the film is well-grounded, it has shown a man who just wants to find his American Dream in the beginning and who was searching his place in the world and then it ended that he trys to find his own pakistani dream and the way he can become happy. And it is also possible to watch the movie in english although you just has it in school.