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Thema: Sleeping Beauty (2011)

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    Sleeping Beauty (2011)

    "You will go to sleep; you will wake up.
    It will be as if those hours never existed."

    der trailer zu sleeping beauty, "a 2011 Australian erotic drama film written and directed by Julia Leigh" (wikipedia) sieht interessant aus:

    "[...] Emily Browning [...] is Lucy, a student who takes part-time jobs to pay her tuition. These include medical experimentation – an almost unwatchable, and crucially penetrative process in which a tube is inserted into her gullet – and occasional prostitution. From here, Lucy is inducted into a niche sex industry: elderly gentlemen in tuxedos hold dinner parties and pay beautiful young women to wait on them, almost naked. Her success leads to a lucrative "sleeping beauty" gig. She is drugged and these ageing, sagging sensualists can do whatever they wish to her naked body, except penetration. But Lucy becomes obsessed with knowing what is being done to her. [...] The stomach-turning "sex" scenes themselves brutally show how unlovely is the ageing male body: and the penises here are pitifully unable even to attempt penetration. To some, the situation may call to mind Almodovar's Talk to Her or perhaps the denouement of Dennis Potter's Brimstone and Treacle. But there is force and originality in Leigh's work. Sleeping Beauty is an impressive technical display, though no more than the sum of its parts."

    (Quelle: Guardian)
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    AW: Sleeping Beauty

    Schon viel Positives aus Cannes gehört ... bin gespannt...

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    AW: Sleeping Beauty

    Freue ich mich sehr drauf. Das ganze ist so herrlich kinky-creepy und sieht dabei sehr künstlerisch aus. Bin sehr gespannt. Und ich mag ja Emily Browning. Freue mich, dass sie wieder öfter zu sehen ist. Hatte nach Lemony Snicket nicht damit gerechnet, dass sie so lange keinen Film macht.

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