"O Ano em que Meus Pais Saìram de Fèrias"
Ein Film von Cao Hamburger

Originaltitel: "O Ano em que Meus Pais Saìram de Fèrias"
Englischer Titel: "The Year My Parents went on Vacation"
Drehbuch: Adriana Falcão und Claudio Galperin
Regisseur: Cao Hamburger
Musik: Beto Villares
Schnitt: Daniel Rezende
Kamera: Adriano Goldman
Ausstattung/ Szenenbild: Cassio Amarante und Fábio Goldfarb
Schauspieler: Michel Joelsas (Mauro), Germano Haiut (Shlomo), Paulo Autran (Mótel, Mauro's Großvater), Simone Spoladore (Bia, Mauro's Mutter), Eduardo Moreira (Daniel, Mauro's Vater), Caio Blat (Ítalo), Daniela Piepszyk (Hanna), Liliana Castro (Irene), Rodrigo dos Santos (Edgar), Felipe Hanna Braun (Caco), Gabriel Eric Bursztein (Bóris), Abrahão Farc (Anatol), Haim Fridman (Duda) u.v.a.

Genre: Drama (Brasilien/ 2006)
Laufzeit: Ca. 104 Minuten
FSK: Freigegeben ab 6 Jahren

In 1970, near the World Cup, Daniel Stern and his wife Miriam leaves Belo Horizonte in a hurry and scared with their ten years old son Mauro in their Volkswagen. While traveling to São Paulo, the couple explains Mauro that they will travel on vacation and will leave Mauro with his grandfather Mótel. Daniel promises to return before the first game of the Brazilian National Soccer Team in the Cup. The boy is left in Bom Retiro, a Jewish and Italian neighborhood, and waits for Mótel in front of his apartment. When the next door neighbor Shlomo arrives, he tells the boy that Mótel had just had a heart attack and died. Alone and without knowing where his parents are, the boy is lodged by Shlomo and the Jewish community. Through the young neighbor Hanna, Mauro makes new friends, cheers for the Brazilian team and sees the movement of the police and militaries on the streets while waiting for his parents...

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